George X. J. Sun was born in nineteen eighty-four, a year depicted by Orwell qua a metaphor of mental panopticon.

Being screwed up and wasting almost two decades in Chungking, a southwestern metropolis which used to be the wartime capital in 1940s, George headed for Guangzhou to complete his undergraduate major in Chinese Literature.

During the monotonous undergraduate periods, George realized that only through literature and culture reading could he apprehend what happened and why.

Then George got enrolled by the Supplement Department of Southern Metropolitan Daily and became a part-time journalist, and then he came to the UK to complete his MA degree.

George is currently a blogger and freelancer regularly dedicating comments and reviews to several Chinese magazines and newspapers including Xinmin Weekly(《新民周刊》), Nanfengchuang(《南风窗》), Southern Metropolis Daily(《南方都市报》), Asian Business Leaders(《东方企业家》) and China Individual Reading Report(《中国独立阅读报告》). He also writes for Global Voices Online(



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