BEIJING (Reuters) – “The United States stressed on Thursday that it opposes Taiwan plans to hold a referendum on U.N. membership, while China urged Washington to help oppose the vote that it calls a dangerous provocation.” 2008 is not a tough year to China but that is not to say everything in this year will be blithe. China remains jittery, especially with Beijing’s Olympic Games in August drawing additional attention to its actions.


In March Taiwan’s independence-leaning President Chen Shui-bian wants approval to seek U.N. membership under the name “Democratic Taiwan”. “From the perspective of the United States, the conduct of such a referendum is a mistake,” Negroponte, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, told reporters of Retuers, echoing comments made in December by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Negroponte made the remarks ahead of two days of talks with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo that will cover Taiwan and other diplomatic hotspots, including North Korea and Iran. In other words, as a matter of fact U.S. don’t want to be engulfed in the military conflicts in Asia-pacific area but once there broke out a civil war between China mainland and Taiwan, U.S. will be put into a dilemma situation. 

To fight or not to fight? Here’s the rub. Quite the contrary to some gossips about China’s enthusiastic expectation of war against Taiwan, the Chinese government actually doesn’t hope any clashes or conflicts round Taiwan Strait. At the same time, China regards Taiwan as a breakaway province that must accept reunification and calls the referendum a provocative bid to create formal independence for the island.

Even thouth Taiwan remains China’s top worry and it wants Washington efforts to help stifle Chen’s plans for the vote alongside presidential elections on the island, Chinese government still made the most generous concession announcing that if Taiwan doesn’t announce its independency, China will keep the current situation in Taiwan Strait. This can be described as a big favor our mainlanders offer to Taiwan because in the long run we all know that it is not China ‘liberates’ Taiwan but Taiwan ‘assimilates’ China. At this point, I must say, Chinese government is pretty clever because we all know what we are in the long run.

Regretfully, the leader of Taiwan is not that clever to understand the implication made by Chinese government. In Mr Chen Shui-bian’s opinion, to be a president is like to be in Disney Land- you should play all the games before you leave. The last and maybe the biggest game of President Chen Shui-bian is Taiwan’s referendum in March (even it is under Washington‘s opposition). But if he’s not an insane man, Mr Chen should know from his common sense that the referendum will put China, U.S. and other east-Asia countries in a very embrrassed and even dangerous situation.In this perspective, President Chan is like a bug to both U.S. and China. Yes, in a way he’s indeed a bug. When hiding in your body, the bug will make you feel itch and uncomfortable or even takes a bite at you occasionally, but it won’t going to kill you. However if you don’t make away with it in time this little bug may cause vital disease to human body. When that happens, the bug is no longer a bug; it is called Chen Shui-bian.