Although officials said low water levels in the Yangtze were not linked to construction of the massive Three Gorges Dam, the increasing number of evidences imply that the destruction and pollution of ecosystem and environment are no longer a moot point. Accoeding to BBC(Jan 17, 2008), China is facing its worst drought in a decade, with water in parts of the Yangtze River at the lowest level in 142 years, state media has reported. Millions of people were short of water, and dozens of ships had run aground in the river since October, reports said.   

In the major Yangtze port city of Hankou, water levels fell to 13.98m (46ft) in early January – the lowest level since records began in 1866, China Daily said, citing local media. Water levels in other rivers and reservoirs in China are also reported to be at record lows. But, officials said that an earlier than expected dry season was to blame for the drought. Authorities have already warned that climate change could make weather conditions in China much tougher in the years ahead. Large amounts of water were also stored behind the Three Gorges Dam last month, causing a 50% reduction in the flow volume of the Yangtze, China Daily said. But the Yangtze River Water Resource Commission said this was not the cause of the problem.   

All the statement made by government is totally opposed to what the Financial Times reported about Three Gogers Dam. On their website of Chinese report we can read these sentences: “From the beginning, the project (Three Gorgers Dam) faced intense criticism from international and domestic activists and even from many within the Communist party.” and: ” In recent months, senior officials have publicly admitted for the first time the Three Gorges region faces an environmental catastrophe if urgent action is not taken.”  

Born in a Communist family, I am very familiar with the way they propagandize and it is just like how they did it in the years of Mao Tze-tung. Generally speaking, it can be distilled into the two disciplines: 1.ruthless media manipulation; 2.activity substituting for achievement. Despite the propaganda and jargon, little essential information as to the dam is allowed to be known by the subjects.

Nonetheless, as the time goes by, with more and more reports and facts uncovering the true color of this project, the government currently has to confess there’re severe environmental and social problems brought by it. Yet, at present it is nonsense to argue whether this project is good or evil. On one hand, we must instantly find some effective methods to solve the problems and remedy; on the other hand, the journalistic morality and integrity require the Chinese media to tell the truth about the problems they made to the domestic people. This, I think, is the only proper way a mature and rational government does and I also believe that this acitivity, if our government became honest to all their subjects, will consolidate the stability of our regime rather than cause any subversive or anti-government actions because the demos always support and show their respect to a brave and straight government.