With the deliberate fatal shooting of a Japanese journalist while covering the pro-democracy demonstrations,the big event in Burma just began to show some of its effective influences on neighbouring countries. According to a report in Guardian Unlimited, Japan, for example,one of the biggest donors to Burma,is fiercely outraged and planning to suspend its economic aid to the poorest country in Asia.Usually,those sorts of international sanction will undoubtedly do execution.But in this case,the dictatorial government there may not get too scared to proceed its military crackdown against any opponents.The reason,for the most part,probably lies in its fantasy of some powerful political support derive from its another big donor and ally,the People’s Republic of China

Obviously,these two asian countries share the same category of regime-dictatorship and some historical connections between them may as well bring these two countries together in the same battlefront providing the political pressure is really intensifying and alarming.Nevertheless,Chinese Communist Party this time has to think twice before taking a single step and carefully speculate what mechanism they could figure out to handle such emergency.After all,the horrible memoir of the great massacre in 1989 is,hopefully,none the less vivid in the mind of every Chinese and this can possiblelly make the Beijing goverment get stuck in a paradoxical morass due to the Olimpic Games, which imply international kudos and access to civilized world,held in next year.

Actually,Beijing government won’t be that stupid to assist one of its so-called poor pal at the risk of losing its chance to get international assessment and admittance for the sound of criticism about the action on human-rights abuses has never stopped since some half a decade before,when the IOC announced that the 2008 Olimpic Games will be held there.Moreover,an artical from The Observer told that Beijing just wants the Olimpic badly so that it is going to avoid and diminish every possible factor that can “become a platform for democracy campaigners to highlight China’s human-rights abuses.” The direct outcome therefore,must turnout to be the total pretending ignorance of what had happened in Burma.

But,one of the funny,and perhaps paramount,facets on this issue might be that Beijing government is now likely to be brainstorming some effective ways to block out all information and digital communicators in terms of net and cellphones if those clashs like 1989 or Burma surely recur in the future.(Now is after all a digital era,and don’t forget all the MMS messages as to the Burmese crackdown)When the students again gather around Tiananmen Square,we’ll be lucky to see the scene of the military forces’ capture of bunches of Nokias and Motos rather than bloody ears that uesd to belong to some humanbeings.