The new headquarters of China Central TV are under smooth construction and ‘loving care’ of the Communist Party. According to The Economist (Dec 2007), for more than a year, passers-by have watched the 230-metre towers creep up at a perilous six-degree angle. It is one of the world’s biggest and most ambitious buildings, of ten described as a twisted doughnut with two leaning towers connected by an impossible looking L-shaped overhang.

According to official indexes (the Office for Metropolitan Architecture), the new CCTV headquarters, at a height of 230 meter and a floor area of about 400,000 square meters, combines administration with news, broadcasting, studios and program production – the entire process of TV making – in a sequence of interconnected activities. Although the building is 230 meter tall it is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of horizontal and vertical sections that establish an urban site rather than point to the sky. The irregular grid on the building’s facades is an expression of the forces traveling throughout its structure.

 The second building, the 115,000 m2 Television Cultural Center (TVCC) includes a hotel, a visitor’s center, a large public theatre and exhibition spaces. It is visible from the main intersection of the Central Business District through the “window” of the CCTV headquarters. The project, covering an area of 187,000 square meters, was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, and supposed to be ready for partial use in time for the Olympic Games next August and completed in 2009.

 Another creepy little bastard created for Beijing Olympic Games! This is not only because the building is ‘startlingly different from any other object in sight’ but also that everything the Chinese created for next year’s Olympic Games is inevitably holy flunk. Look at the five damned mascots, the nest-like stadium they created and the Big Brother’s new headquarter. In the perspectives of occidental people, they are, in some respect, very good designs, but, so long as it seems to me, they might fail to consider the accordance of the environment, the Chinese style of surrounding architecture as well as the Chinese cultural background.  

The failure of all these made the Olympic constructions in China like exotic items endowed by Western world. It is very happy for everyone to see the China CCTV is trying to make a change. And this is a positive inclination implying the will we Chinese hold that the 2008 Olympic Games can thoroughly represent a new, enthusiastic and democratic China in this century. I don’t stand against this happy idea, and my argument is concerning more with the balance between occidental and oriental culture and I also firmly believe on a global scale, our international friends will be happier to see the elegant blend of both Modern and traditional Chinese culture.