When aspiring journalists talk about where they would like to work,they usually mention huge metropolitan newspapers or other media companies with news departments that would make them a foreign or London correspondent.In a word,they want to work for the best places that they can ever pursue and have scores of specialist traveling around the world.They want to have fun,interview some celebrities,cover great events and write about them.

Quite the contrary, the truth is that not every journalist has the golden chance to work in London, New York,Washington DC,Tokyo or other metropolis. As a graduate on the courses of journalism who has a little internship experience in a famous daily newspaper as well, I take to imply that there does exist some multi-dimensional aspects of this vocation. You don’t have to get the spot where some big events really happened or be busy at updating your cover everyday.I think,it is more reasonable for us to make a sort of review or reconsideration as to what happened and why.

Umberto Eco,the Italian scholar and novelist,used to indicate that with the current looming of neomedia and online journalism,the total amount of information we get today is,as it were,smaller than that in the past,which is quite distinct from our notion at large.So,if the reader or audience wants to get and apprehend some relevant news or opinions on some current events,he will surely have to resort to a certain info resource and then discuss with his peers.News are not merely messages.They’re such a kind of messages that can produce influences on your mind,behavior,emotion,judgement and finally define the category of persons you put yourself in.

In fact,news are messages that deserve our discussion and reflection.Just as what Eco told us,if we consider news as pizza from the grocery that would stink within a day,we will undoubtedly get fewer and fewer amount of information because of the deficiency of review and discussion.By and large,it has been broadly recognized that immediacy and instancy are two critical elements of journalism,but I’m none the less insisting that we should spare some time and space for our analysis and reconsideration and all of them depend on the atmosphere of blog.